THINK ABOUT THIS: What’s The Purpose Of Your Life And How Can You Know That You Know It?

There really aren’t any more basic questions than this: What is the purpose of life and how do we know that we’ve devoted our lives to something or someone for the right reasons?

There are as many potential answers as there are people. I spent a good part of my life working for Ronald Reagan, to get him elected president and then serving in his administration. I know lots of good people who did the same thing for Bill Clinton, George W. Bush and Barack Obama.

Those were worthy things to do but were they the foundational purpose of life? Presidents come and go, so does that mean our lives are purposeless after our favored chief executive is no longer in the Oval Office?

Of course not, there is something more fundamental, more enduring that explains why we’re here and how we are to live. Dr. Frank Turek of takes it from here:

Author: Mark Tapscott

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