THINK ABOUT THIS: The Kalam Cosmological Argument For God

It’s Friday, the impeachment hearings are done for now, the Thanksgiving Recess has begun and your boss is likely heading back to his or her home district or state. So, unless you are headed there, too, you can breathe a little today, right?

So take five minutes and consider this simple, logical, three-step argument for the existence of God. It provides a powerful tool for making sense of the bewildering debates on this issue.

Perhaps best of all, the Kalam Cosmological Argument, is based on sound logic, scientific evidence and a big helping of good old common sense. After you watch this video and think about its content, feel free to share your thoughts, pro or con, or just to pose an additional thought.

Author: Mark Tapscott

Follower of Christ, devoted husband of Claudia, doting father and grandfather, conservative lover of liberty, journalist and First Amendment fanatic, former Hill and Reagan aide, vintage Formula Ford racer, Okie by birth/Texan by blood/proud of both, resident of Maryland. Go here:

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