Here’s The ‘Chicken-And-Egg’ Dilemma That Confronts Atheists

Is it really possible to explain the origin of life from non-life without God? Lord knows, smart people like Stephen Hawking and legions of others who deny or ignore the possibility of God as creator have been trying for centuries.

But they face what NBC “Dateline” Cold-Case Detective J. Warner Wallace calls the “Chicken-And-Egg” dilemma regarding the proteins that are the essential building blocks of life. It appears to be unsolvable without God.

“There’s this chicken-and-egg problem that you need the machines to exist that build the proteins for life to exist in order to build the proteins but the machines themselves are built from the proteins,” Wallace explains in the following video:

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Author: Mark Tapscott

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7 thoughts on “Here’s The ‘Chicken-And-Egg’ Dilemma That Confronts Atheists”

  1. This is silly. There are many questions whose answers we do not know. Perhaps someday will, perhaps not. Our ignorance is neither an argument for or against the existence of God.


  2. Sorry, it’s just not true. The origins of life don’t need any miraculous explanation. Those who think there is no way for life to start on its own, don’t understand the science or are bad at math. This has actually been explained (and in part demonstrated) for more than 40 years. Yes, it takes many millions of years to go from simple amino acids to something like bacteria, but it is not unexplainable.

    Why is your belief in God so weak that you require him to make miraculous interventions on a regular basis?

    The universe exists because God wills it, and works the way it does because that too is His will. Why do you need to use poor science to show he exists?


  3. The thing that cracks me up is that the “rational” scientists can claim it all come from nothing. Ask them who made the laws of physics and mathematics that allow their discoveries and watch their head explode. Science is about discovering HOW God created the universe while religion is about discovering WHO God is.


  4. One of the most profoundly stupid arguments. This is like saying that since metal tools are used to make metal tools, god created wire snips. This is what happens when people on the left-hand side of the IQ curve try to sound smart.


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