SUNDAY THINK ABOUT THIS: This Exo-Planet Avoided Being Engulfed By Its Red Star. Is This A Miracle?

Right at the outset, let me make it clear that, being a journalist by profession, I stake no claim to expertise in physics, astronomy or any related science. So I could be totally off-base here. But let’s give it a shot anyway, okay?

What’s out there? (Felix-Mittermeier on Unsplash).

Material processes function according to either known laws, or laws to be discovered in the course of credible scientific investigation. So how to explain this exo-planet’s apparent avoidance of being consumed by the Red Star into which, according to, it was being drawn?

“Scientists have discovered a ‘survivalist’ planet that shouldn’t exist orbiting a pulsating star,” reported Friday (I just got the publication alert this morning).

The planet and star were discovered via NASA’s Transiting Exo-planet Survey Satellite (TESS) by a team of researchers studying a couple of red giant stars with exo-planets:

“But one of these systems, HD 203949 and its orbiting exoplanet, sparked confusion. In studying the star, the researchers uncovered details about the star’s mass, size and age,” explained.

“They concluded that, given its size, the stage it was at in stellar evolution and the distance of its orbiting exoplanet, the envelope of the red giant star should have theoretically engulfed the exoplanet.

“But, while analysis of the star shows that this planet shouldn’t exist, further investigation shows that the planet somehow did avoid engulfment.”

The researchers have a possible explanation, but it seems to boil down to the “simple fact” that the planet should have been consumed by the star but somehow wasn’t.

Secular materialists assume that further research will ultimately determine a natural process that accounts for the exo-planet avoiding engulfment by its star.

But such an assumption is speculative, not determinative. If we are going to be objective, shouldn’t we rather be open to the possibility of a non-natural explanation for this occurrence.

Some might even wonder if it should be viewed as an exception to natural material processes. The Bible calls exceptions to natural material processes “miracles.”

Something to think about on this beautifully sunny Sunday morning here in north-central Maryland on November 3, 2019.

Go here for more info on TESS.

Author: Mark Tapscott

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