Huge Spike In Google Searches On ‘Jesus,’ ‘Christian Beliefs’ Due To Kanye West’s Conversion

This post is all Kanye, all the time

Kanye West’s latest album — “Jesus Is King” — appears to be generating big cultural waves being felt on the Internet, according to reporting by Faithwire Editor Tre Goins-Phillips.

Kanye West speaks during Sunday Service at Howard University (Screen shot from YouTube).

“The 11-track album is chockfull of Bible references, and according to Bible Gateway, online searches for Scripture passages and faith-based phrases in the songs have spiked since the record was released in late October,” Goins-Phillips said.

There was also a leap in searches for “What do Christians believe?” and “Jesus,” he said.

There was so much Internet activity that the American Bible Society decided to offer a free copy of the most-read book in history to anybody asking here. But wait, there is more on the jump!

Now Kim Kardashian Wonders About Hubby’s Conversion:

And while we’re on the subject of Kanye West, Dr. Michael Brown has an insightful column on the Christian Post looking at the reaction within his immediate family to Kanye West’s conversion.

“She, on her part, is confused. ‘You built me up to be this sexy person and confidence and all this stuff,’ she said. ‘And just because you’re on a journey and you’re on a transformation doesn’t mean that I’m in the same spot with you,’” Brown writes.

Is It Real Or A PR Play?

And if you are wondering whether the West conversion is genuine or merely a publicity stunt intended to sell the new album, Chelsen Vicari, also writing on the Christian Post, takes a deep dive into the evidence for both possibilities.


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