1st Amendment District Court Win Means Dems’ Club Can’t Be Forced To Have GOP Officers

Congressional staff will face the core issues in this case again and again, and not just on campuses

Okay, actually, the club involved is the Inter-Varsity Christian Fellowship chapter at the University of Iowa, which a federal judge ruled cannot be forced by campus officials to have non-Christian leaders.

University of Iowa (Screen shot from the Hawkeye web site).

But to grasp the significance of Judge Stephanie Rose’s September 27 decision, imagine that, to prevent discrimination and ensure diversity, the Democratic Socialist Club is required by government policy to make sure a certain number of its top leaders are actually libertarian Republicans.

Or the NARAL Pro-Choice Chapter of community activists must admit enough pro-lifers to the top echelons of its leadership structure to satisfy an official edict … or the liberal Center for American Progress is forced to install as many Heritage Foundation directors as required to achieve “balance” in its policy prescriptions?

The Rose decision is the second she has delivered in recent months upholding the First Amendment’s right of assembly against the University of Iowa administrators’ attempts to impose its discriminatory policy, according to the Christian Post. 


THINK ABOUT THIS: Science ‘Works’ In Our Universe Because …

Philosopher Kenneth Samples gives the answer AND poses a huge question about chance and design

“Advancements in science, technology, and medicine over the last century or so have benefitted virtually all people. Scientific progress has lengthened human life spans and improved quality of life.

Reasons To Believe Senior Research Scholar Kenneth Samples (Screen Shot).

“These great strides prompt a provocative question: Why does science work? That is, why is the scientific enterprise so effective in delivering critical, reliable information about the natural world that can inform and benefit humankind?

“I have posed this question to many scientists I’ve met through the years. The answer I usually hear is something along this line: ‘It just does. Science is unique. It works.’

I think the reason that most scientists struggle to tell me exactly why science works is … Go here for the answer.


How An Atheist Guy From Chicago Doing Standup Comedy Became A Born-Again Christian

People who do standup comedy know how to make the rest of us laugh, but does that also mean they are happy in the times between their routines? For comedian Jeff Allen, the crushing answer was “no way.”

Ccomedian Jeff Allen (Screen shot from YouTube).

Allen is genuinely funny now and, since he was successful, I assume he must also have been 20 years ago when his life changed, literally, forever. It’s a journey full of tragedy, sadness, pain, divorce, bankruptcy, and, ultimately, amazingly, incredibly, joyful recovery, hilarity and peace.

WARNING! This is a 19 minute video, three times as long as the typical video I put up here on HillFaith. I work on the Hill now as a journalist and I spent four years of my early professional life as a congressional aide, so I know how precious your time is.

But trust me, this video will make you laugh, it may make you cry, too, and it just might also mark a milestone in your life. Enjoy!