The Washington Nationals Are World Series Champs!

“This October has been an out-of-body experience for Washington baseball fans, who seem to levitate over their world, barely believing what they are seeing, game after game, series after series.

“But they should, the entire sports world should, because this has been going on since May 24. Since then, including playoffs, the Nats have gone 86-43 — two wins for every loss — and have the best record in baseball.

“What they have done this October is dazzling. But it is also in character. The 106-win Dodgers and 107-win Astros may find it hard to believe, even now. But the Nats, at this moment, are their peers.

“And, now, their betters, baseball kings with brand new crowns.” — Thomas Boswell, Washington Post, the best baseball writer of this generation.

“Now that it’s done, though, remember not just that they won but how they won. The 2019 Washington Nationals taught us all lessons — about patience and belief, about faith and fortitude, about finding life where none seemed to exist. They are champions because of all of that, even if — right now or next month or next year — it’s unfathomable they did it at all.” — Barry Svriuga, Washington Post sports columnist.

Author: Mark Tapscott

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10 thoughts on “The Washington Nationals Are World Series Champs!”

    1. Craig, I deleted your recommendation regarding the removal of Soto’s teeth because this blog is not here to advocate violence against anybody for any reason. That said, I’d like you to provide readers with an example of what you believe was “unsportsmanlike” conduct.


      1. Steven Strasburg was sensational 5-0 in the post season – terrific start beating Verlander in game 6. I wasn’t routing for them but they did a fantastic job


      2. He paws at the dirt in the batter’s box like a bull about to charge, glares at the pitcher, and generally looks like he’s about to rush the mound. Personally, I find it charming.

        The pitcher’s up there trying to get into his head, lead him with certain pitches, etc… all psychological. Turnabout is fair play. (Rendon, by constrast, just gives a level gaze, occasionally cracks smile, as if nothing phases him and he doesn’t take them terribly seriously. Different tactic, same goal – unnerve the pitcher.)


      3. Soto is immensely talented on the physical side, but he’s got some growing to do otherwise. The test will come next season when he has a bad slump, gets booed a little, maybe benched even. He’ll be a different man after he goes through that. Maybe more like Rendon.


      4. OK, my prior comment was over the top.
        Specifically, Soto’s lewd tongue gyrations and dancing around the plate remind me of Jesus Quintana, John Turturro’s pervert character in The Big Lebowski. Once seen it cannot be unseen.

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      5. I haven’t seen The Big Lebowski, but I find Soto’s movements around the plate distracting, too. But then I’m not the guy standing at the plate with a 98 mph projectile coming at me and I may or may not have read the rotation and the threads right in that slight instant in which I saw it leave the pitcher’s hand. Wasn’t it Ted Williams who said the batter hitting a baseball is the greatest challenge in sports? And he said that in a time before Bob Feller made the 90 mph fastball a reality.


  1. washington nationals fans boo President Trump as he attends series game. So why should I care one whit about whether or not they won? Answer, I shouldn’t and I don’t.

    As far as I’m concerned, MLB lost the series this year.


  2. Soto has had slumps. He’s made mistakes on the bases and in the field. We still love him.

    After one playoff game (I believe it was the Dodgers series) Soto stayed after the game to hit the cages until well after midnight. He was unhappy with his performance. Slump over.


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