If You Think Aliens May Exist, God Can Get To You, Too

Read that headline again because it probably doesn’t suggest what you thought it did the first time through. That is, it’s NOT suggesting that if you think there are little green men somewhere “out there,” you must also believe God exists.

Free-Thinking Ministries’ Timothy Fox (Screen shot from the blog).

Now, check out this logic from Timothy Fox, one of the proprietors of the Free Thinking Ministries blog, in an illuminating post on Dr. Sean McDowell’s blog entitled “Aliens and the Existence of God”:

“So how could we demonstrate that God does not exist? Aliens are physical beings and so we must seek physical, scientific evidence of their existence.

“But God is a spiritual being. How would we disprove his existence? This is why I think true atheism is impossible. Just like it is possible that there are aliens out there somewhere in our vast universe, how could a person living on a tiny speck within a vast universe claim that there is no deity out there somewhere, impossible to detect (or disprove) using our five senses? As with the existence of aliens, a lack of evidence for God’s existence can only lead us to agnosticism.

“But then how do we move from agnosticism to theism? How can we know that God exists? Let’s look again to our little green men. We don’t have the technology to explore the universe, and who knows if we ever will.

“So how would we know if aliens exist? They would have to come to us. And that’s exactly what God did.”

Aha! Now I’ll bet you’re beginning to see where this is going. Read on here. This may be the most unique argument you’ve ever read for the truth of Jesus’ claim to be both God and man.


Author: Mark Tapscott

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