Why Are We Silent When Black Africans Are Sold Into Slavery Every Day?

America’s Civil War ended slavery in this country and the evil institution has been outlawed in much of the remainder of the world. But not a day goes by now that Black Africans aren’t sold into bondage.

Thousands of Black Africans are sold into slavery but Americans are all but silent. (Photo by Kristina Flour on Unsplash)

It’s happening in Northern Africa in Muslim nations like Libya, the Sudan and Mauritania. In Libya alone, CNN has reported slave auctions in nearly a dozen locations across that war-torn nation.

“Every day across the African continent, black men, women, and children are captured, bought, and sold into slavery with the Western world paying scant attention,” according to Charles Jacobs, writing today on The Federalist.

“Human rights groups have marched and battled against abuses noticeably less cruel and evil than human bondage, yet no major organization has attempted to free today’s black slaves, much less taken meaningful steps to raise awareness about their plight,” writes Jacobs, who is president of the American Anti-Slavery Group.

Jacobs offers three factors that he believes go far to explain why nobody in the West seems to care about this continuing outrage against human rights: Western rights groups are obsessed with Western sins; Identity politics protects Muslims from criticism, and fear among Westerners of being branded “Islamophobic.”

“The Western world, and Americans in particular, must rid themselves of this moral psychosis and come to the aid of today’s slaves — regardless of who owns them,” Jacobs contends.

This video produced by Jacobs’ group provides a concise and well-documented explanation of the extent and causes of contemporary Black chattel slavery in Africa:

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