Is America A ‘Christian Nation?’

Earlier this year, Dr. Frank Turek, the founder of, was asked by a young questioner if he thinks America is or was a “Christian nation.” This issue should be a familiar one to congressional aides, but how Turek responded is almost certainly unexpected for many on the Hill.

Dr. Frank Turek, president of (Screen shot from YouTube)

In a word, Turek’s response was “no,” but then he explained that the term “Christian nation” is subject to multiple definitions. Referring to the 1776  Declaration of Independence drafted by Thomas Jefferson, Turek argued that the founders intended to establish a nation based on the moral laws that endow every individual with those inalienable rights.

“A Christian nation? Maybe by description, but not by prescription,” Turek said. He said a great deal more on this issue and his analysis may well surprise folks who have certain stereotypical ideas about what conservative and evangelical Christians believe.

Author: Mark Tapscott

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