WHAT DO YOU THINK? Here’s What Political Conspiracies Like Watergate Tell Us About Jesus’ Disciples

Conspiracy theories are becoming more common these days in the political debate in Congress, the national media and in public forums across the nation, digital and otherwise.

Chuck Colson (Screen shot from “Doing The Right Thing” on Youtube.)

The Watergate coverup by President Richard Nixon and half a dozen of his chief aides was a real conspiracy and it cost him his presidency when he became the only American chief executive ever to resign the office.

Chuck Colson was one of the Nixon conspirators who went to jail. He became a Christian in great part because of something he learned from the Watergate conspiracy about the reliability and credibility of the disciples of Jesus Christ in their testimony about His life, death and resurrection.

Thanks to the good folks at The Poached Egg, here’s Colson’s explanation:

“It was, ironically, the Watergate cover-up that left me convinced that the biblical accounts of the resurrection of Jesus Christ are historically reliable. In my Watergate experience, I saw the inability of men—powerful, highly motivated professionals—to hold together a conspiracy based on a lie. It was less than three weeks …

Go here for the rest of Colson’s explanation. It’s from Why You Should Resist Conspiracy Theories. The latter is from Aaron Brake at Stand To Reason.

After you’ve gone over to The Poached Egg and read that entire quote, come back here and watch this short video of Colson explaining how self-righteousness made him blind to official wrong-doing being committed right in front of him in the Oval Office.


Author: Mark Tapscott

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