Well, Duh, We Live Here, So Of Course It Looks Like A Universe Finely Tuned Just For Us?

One thing that many advocates on both sides of the “does God exist” debate agree on is that the universe is an incredibly finely tuned place, regardless of how we think it came to be.

Addressing the “Finely tuned Universe” issue by J. Warner Wallace. (Screen shot)

To cite just one example, if the Earth’s tilt on its axis was just two degrees greater, life would very likely be impossible on this earth because the Conifer Belt of trees that produce the bulk of our oxygen, would not survive.

But may be it just looks like a finely tuned universe because it’s the only one we can observe and we call it home, so of course it looks like it was made just for us? NBC “Dateline’s” cold-case detective, J. Warner Wallace, addresses that issue and others in this video:

Author: Mark Tapscott

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One thought on “Well, Duh, We Live Here, So Of Course It Looks Like A Universe Finely Tuned Just For Us?”

  1. The only answer to the fine tuning is that there is an infinite multiverse or there is a creator. Nothing else makes sense. If there is an infinite multiverse, then there are an infinite number of fine tuned universes and in this subset, there will be an intelligence so great that this intelligence will say in English, “Let there be light.” And there will be an infinite number of them. Yes, absurd. So one creator is the logical answer or an infinite number of them.

    Another problem with we just happen to live in the universe that is fine tuned, is that there are all sorts of other problems that seem insolvable. Mainly, to do with origins: life, complex biological systems, consciousness and then as the video says, Earth itself. The odds of there being another earth in the universe are almost non-existent.


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