THINK ABOUT THIS: Actually, No, All Roads Don’t Lead To God

It’s one of the most frequently heard truisms — All roads lead to Heaven because every religion contains some of the ultimate truth but none of them have all of the truth.

Dr. Sean McDowell

Ergo, whichever path “works” for you, do it to the best of your ability and God will smile on you when you die and hold open the door to His heaven where you will be with Him forever.

But what if all roads lead to different destinations? On the surface, maybe all the different religions appear to be heading in the same directions, but, as Professor Sean McDowell points out in the following video, dig a little deeper and we find they lead to very different destinations indeed:

Author: Mark Tapscott

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One thought on “THINK ABOUT THIS: Actually, No, All Roads Don’t Lead To God”

  1. Not all roads lead to God, put if you turn around and repent, no matter what road you are on, you’ll find God right there behind you, and ready to put you on the Way, of Jesus Christ.


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