WHAT DO YOU THINK? Even If Macro-Evolution Is True, God Is Still Necessary

What if evolution is true, both in terms of micro and macro changes over time? If it is, does that mean there is no room for the Christian God as creator of the universe and everything in it, including humans and animals?

Cross-examined.org’s Dr. Frank Turek says no, there still must be an explanation for the existence of the first molecule. Evolution properly understood is an explanation of how God did it, not an argument against the existence of God in the first place.

Turek was asked about this issue earlier this month during a presentation, noting that he’s an advocate for micro-evolution, but stops short of the “molecule to man” version of macro-evolution. Even so, he explains why God is essential regardless.

Author: Mark Tapscott

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4 thoughts on “WHAT DO YOU THINK? Even If Macro-Evolution Is True, God Is Still Necessary”

  1. Sorry, posted before I was finished.
    Trying to disprove evolution or prove evolution has nothing to do with whether there is a god or not. It’s a smoke screen from either side.
    And by the way, atheists, not one myself mind you, don’t say there is no God. They don’t believe the claims made by those who say there is. Difference in burden of proof.


  2. I totally agree and I have said that all along. I learned in a college Old Testament course that the Bible was not written to say how God did it but that he created.

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    1. Dan, do you think the existence of god, and specifically the God of the bible, should be or even could be demonstrated by the use of scientific methods?


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