HARD FACTS: Persecution Is Every Day for North Korean Christians. This Is Sang-chul’s Story

Americans of all stripes tend to ignore the reality that the world is full of torture, persecution and martyrdom for millions of Christians in other countries. It’s not here, so we only think about it occasionally, if at all.

Sang-chul is a North Korean who faces the prospect of death every day because that is the penalty simply for using the word “god” in conversation with the wrong person.

Same for being found with a Bible or sharing the Good News of the Gospel of Jesus. People are “disappeared” by their government, never to be heard from again for doing such things.

And yet Sang-chul’s faith and that of thousands of other members of the North Korean underground church continues to be strong and growing.  Thanks to Voice of the Martyrs, his story is being heard around the world, thanks to the following video.

Why should anybody working on Capitol Hill care about Sang-chul’s story? Because you have been blessed with a job that puts you in a place teeming with genuine opportunities to do something about injustice. Or are you only here to advance your self?

It was said long ago that the roots of the church in the beginning were watered with the blood of martyrs. This video dramatically illustrates that what was true 2,000 years ago remains so today:

Author: Mark Tapscott

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