THINK ABOUT THIS: Here’s The Sin That Is The Key Factor In Causing Racism, Other ‘Isms’

We don’t hear much on Capitol Hill these days about “sin.” It’s one of those words associated with another time, a different moral culture, the America of yesterday when religious terms were more prominent in public discourse.

J. Warner Wallace (Screen shot).

Today, the talk is about “racism,” “anti-semitism,” “age-ism” “nationalism” and related terms. But what if there is one factor that underlies all of our “isms?” And if there is that one factor, maybe it’s related to what the Bible refers to as “sin?”

In the following video, NBC Dateline cold-case detective J. Warner Wallace identifies that one factor and how it is something shared by every human being. It is the root cause of racism and it’s not unique to caucasians, Asians, Africans or Europeans.

This factor has been identified in countless secular academic and scientific studies, so it’s not simply a religious term, though Wallace makes the case that the Bible offers the most profound understanding of it.

We all do it, so we all need to understand it and do something about it:

Author: Mark Tapscott

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