Could The Older You Convince The Younger You? About VIP Stuff?

It’s been said that maturity is being able to admit that you didn’t really know it all when you were younger and then changing your ways of doing and thinking as a consequence.

“Cold-Case Christianity” author J. Warner Wallace (screen shot from video).

But does that process also occur when it comes to issues concerning God, your eternal destiny, what are your priorities for your time, talent and treasure. and how to live your life on a daily basis as an individual and with others?

It can be immensely difficult, the getting to the point of realizing your views on those issues often are unthinking,  unstated assumptions or presuppositions that are products of habits, emotions, erroneous ideas we picked up from others or faulty logic that reflects our inexperience or lack of consistent thought.

NBC Dateline Cold-Case Detective J. Warner Wallace was for many years a deeply convinced atheist until something happened. “I had a lot of years to be the skeptical jerk that I became,” Wallace explains during a recent interview with Unapologetic Apologist Stelman Smith.

Smith asked Wallace, “you talked about how you could easily poke holes in the arguments of Christian friends you had. What do you think if the young version of you had met the version of you now who could have answered those questions the way that you do now?”

I won’t spoil it for you by relaying Wallace’s answer, but I do strongly suggest that this interview is chock full of sharp insights, hard-won lessons and brutally honest confession.

In other words, much that people who have to make important decisions in their personal and professional lives —you know, those in their 20s and 30s working on Capitol Hill helping build America and their own lives — will likely benefit from hearing and thinking about.

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Author: Mark Tapscott

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