It is said that every older generation looks upon every younger generation and either recoils in horror, disgust or incredulity.

(Screen shot from McDowell presentation)

Having heard it from members of the Greatest Generation, I confess that I sometimes must stop and remind myself that the same things I now say about “Millennials” were once said about me and my Boomer contemporaries.

Dr. Sean McDowell of Biola University notes in a recent presentation at a Summit Ministries conference that “people have been talking about Millennials for a decade and a half, but, friends, Millennials are out of college, they’ve graduated.

“There is a new generation we’re reaching today called ‘Generation Z,’ those born between 1995 and 2010, so it’s essentially young people aged seven to 22.”

“President Ronald Reagan is as far back in time for Gen Zers today as President Dwight Eisenhower was for their parents.”

To put things in an historical context, McDowell points out that President Ronald Reagan is as far back in time for Gen Zers today as President Dwight Eisenhower was for their parents. Think about that for a moment.

For Gen Zers, “email is an ancient and useless technology,” McDowell continues. “Amazon is an online retailer, not a river in South America. The band Nirvana is classical rock.”

He elaborates in that vein, then points out that Gen Zers make up 25 percent of the nation’s population now and are beginning to graduate into the workforce where they will for decades to come help shape our culture, politics, entertainment and much else.

And from there McDowell makes a persuasive case based on nine insights that the time has come for folks to layoff Gen Zers. “Entitled,” “Self-centered” and similar terms are not necessarily unique to this generation.

I agree with McDowell, and, while this video is at 33 minutes the longest I’ve ever encouraged readers to watch, the topic is especially important for those of us who work on the Hill, either for somebody in Congress or in some capacity that is fundamentally linked to it.

Enjoy. And pay close attention!


Author: Mark Tapscott

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