What About Josh Harris, Take II: The ‘Dreadfully Misguided’ Purity Culture Didn’t Steal Her Faith

Ericka Andersen is a very sharp digital expert, writer, speaker and an unusually insightful analyst of American cultural trends as they are shaped by religious experience and beliefs.

Author Ericka Andersen (Screen shot from her blog)

She’s also a veteran of what she describes as “the dreadfully misguided marketing effort evangelical leaders in the 1990s created to dissuade teens from sex before marriage.”

But Ericka remains an evangelical Christian and as a result her observations about the Josh Harris controversy and what it teaches us today about the Christian’s witness are especially worth reading and thinking about.

Here’s the context from which her observations spring, as she explains it in a post today on The Federalist:

“Unlike some, I haven’t sworn off my evangelical upbringing or embraced sex as a brazen act of personal autonomy. I still believe the concept of chastity  —  something Christians are called to before and within marriage  —  should be taught the right way.

“Even as we culturally deconstruct how wayward purity teachings impaled a generation with sexual anxiety, it’s important to recognize that the root belief was good. As happens too often, fallible humans completely garbled the message.”

She has much to say on these matters, all of it well worth pondering in a serious manner.

In the spirit of full disclosure, my tenure at the Heritage Foundation in the early 00s overlapped towards the end with Ericka’s time there. In the years since, she’s piled up quite a series of accomplishments, as explained on her blog:

“She was previously the Digital Director at National Review magazine and the Online Media Director for the GOP Congress, under Vice-President Mike Pence. She also worked as the Communications Director for Congressman Todd Rokita (IN) and as the Digital Manager at The Heritage Foundation.

“Her first book, “Leaving Cloud 9: The True Story of a Life Resurrected From the Ashes of Poverty, Trauma and Mental Illness” was released from Harper Collins publishers in 2018.”

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