THINK ABOUT THIS: Great Things Christianity Actually Has Done For The World

There seem to be more than a few folks on the Hill and elsewhere in the public arena these days who apparently believe Christianity is not a positive good in terms of its influence on society, the law, economics and social justice.

To which I must respond “Ah Grasshopper, you have so much yet to learn.” Fortunately for all concerned, Professor Sean McDowell of Biola University has much more to say in response and he does it so much more knowledgeably and articulately than yours truly.

The great irony here is that much of the mistaken belief about Christianity is a product of the notion that only science provides truth. I say ironic because, as so many people don’t know, the very concept of science is a product of the influence of Christianity.

So enjoy the following video as McDowell condenses two millennia of history into 2:48:


Author: Mark Tapscott

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2 thoughts on “THINK ABOUT THIS: Great Things Christianity Actually Has Done For The World”

  1. Mark,

    My good friend, Jeremiah Johnston, the founder of Christian Thinkers Society, wrote a book about what the world would be like without Christianity. He discussed what the world was like before Christianity, how Christianity changed the world, and what it has been like without Christianity in modern places and times. The title is Unimaginable; What the World Would be Like Without Christianity.

    I’m hoping to see Cindy this week, or soon. We’re working on dates.

    Hope you’re doing well!



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