WHAT DO YOU THINK? Who’s Right About Sex Before Marriage, Hannah Or Luke?

Not being one who follows ABC’s “The Bachelorette,” I wasn’t aware of the epic blow-up that occurred recently when Luke sort of asked Hannah if she would remain celibate until marriage.

Luke and Hannah just before the fireworks started. (Screen shot from the video.)

Thanks to Chrissy Clark of The Federalist, however, I not only know about it, I’ve also benefitted from reading the author’s interesting take on who was right and who was wrong in what was an extremely revealing argument that was hardly flattering to either of the participants.

Luke and three other suitors accompanied Hannah to Greece. Luke ended up getting the boot ride in the limo at the end. Here’s Clark’s summary of the situation:

“Both Hannah and Luke are neither virgins, nor sexually chaste, but, when Luke found faith, he made a pact to refrain from sex henceforth until marriage,” Clark explains.

“Hannah touts her faith as being a large part of her life, so I don’t think that Luke asking about Hannah’s decision to sleep with men outside of marriage is all that absurd of a question,” she writes.

But here’s the real flashpoint:

“During their conversation, Luke insinuated that Hannah owed it to him to refrain from sex until marriage. This is where I agree with Hannah. She doesn’t owe Luke anything. She owes sexual continence until marriage to God,” according to Clark. For the record, I agree with Clark on this one.

But Clark also sees something far more significant beyond this emotionally fraught exchange between two young people, an illustration of the reality in contemporary America “that many people consider themselves religious, yet don’t actually want to follow their religion. There is a very distinct line between being religious and practicing your religion in everyday life.”

The issue here at its most fundamental level is not whether to have pre-marital sex — God’s view on that one is clear enough — but rather do our everyday actions match our words?

For my part, I lived a lot of years when my actions and words on this and a host of other issues weren’t even in the same zip code. Hypocrisy may be the most common human sin, second only to pride.

It’s only an eight-minute conversation and, frankly, if it had gone another minute, I suspect things would have gotten really ugly. So watch it and then share with the rest of us who you think is right, who got it wrong and why.

Author: Mark Tapscott

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