Here’s Why The ‘God Of The Gaps’ Theory Doesn’t Work

There are folks who believe pretty much everything has been explained via natural science, so there’s really no need anymore for God, except maybe to explain those few remaining gaps in our knowledge. Thus the phrase “God of the Gaps.”

Cold-Case expert J. Warner Wallace.

NBC “Dateline” cold-case detective J. Warner Wallace was asked about this by The Unapologetic Apologists’ Stelman Smith during a recent interview. And not surprisingly, Wallace put it in the context of a crime scene:

“Look at it this way. If we were at a crime scene together and I had a dead woman and we’re standing on one side of the yellow tape,” Wallace began in his response.

“And you said to me ‘I think her husband is the one who did it, based on what I see inside that crime scene. I can see several things around her body, I can see several pieces of evidence related to the body, I can see the context of the kind of room we’re in, so based on what I see inside the yellow tape, I think the best and most reasonable explanation for this murder is her husband,'” Wallace continued.

“And then my other partner says, ‘no, man, are you crazy, she’s got a roommate who lives with the couple. That’s the one I think is responsible.’ Each of you think has to demonstrate why you think your cause can best explain what’s on the other side of the yellow tape. If you think the husband did it, show me why. If you think the roommate did it, show me why,” Wallace said.

Wallace covers a lot of ground in just under nine minutes, so his analysis is stuffed full of thought-provoking points, with a result that you will perhaps never again approach the question of God as a real whodunnit!


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