Even After Hitler, Stalin, Mao, Etc., There Are Still Moral Relativists?

If there are no absolute standards, justice is whatever anybody decides is ‘right for them’

Hitler killed at least six million Jews, plus millions of other people. Stalin starved millions of people living in “the breadbasket of Europe.” Estimates of how many millions were murdered by Mao range as high as 60 million.

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And yet there are still many who insist there are no absolute moral standards, every culture has its own definitions of what is right and wrong and it’s all just a matter of what “works for you.”

The basic problem is that without an absolute standard of what constitutes good and what is evil, then on what basis can horrors like genocide, human slavery, poverty, hunger and all the rest be judged as evil?

There’s another problem here for the moral relativst. Stand To Reason’s Amy Hall points to a fundamental contradiction at the heart of moral relativism:

“There can be no moral progress if there’s no standard. The moral relativist who is fighting for a moral principle is living in tension with his beliefs, but he likely has never realized it.”

Hall has more to say about this issue, including an excerpt from a C.S. Lewis essay that is not nearly as well known as the great British professor’s other works.

If you work on Capitol Hill, you likely expend significant energy and thought seeking to advance somebody’s concept of social justice and moral progress in America. That’s why Hall’s thoughts —and even more so those of Lewis — should give you a lot to think about.

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Author: Mark Tapscott

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