THINK ABOUT THIS: Ever Wonder ‘Who Created God?’

The answer begins with understanding what it means to live outside of time

Astronomer Hugh Ross says the question of “who created God” is the query he is most often asked on social media. That’s understandable as every human being at one time or another likely has wondered the same thing.

Astronomer Hugh Ross. Screen shot from Reasons to Believe video.

“Every atheist scientist I’ve ever debated publicly has raised that issue,” Ross explains in a recent interview on Reasons to Believe. “There is a fallacy there. They are assuming that God is constrained in time like the universe is and all life in the universe.”

Ross notes that “any entity that is constrained to a single dimension of time, where time can’t be stopped or reversed, at some point must have a beginning or a creation event.”

But once it is understood that “God created time, He’s the author of time, but He’s not subject to time,” Ross continued, then “… if God is not subject to linear time, then He need not have a beginning or an ending.”

In other words, the discussion of the question of who created God takes on a whole different context once the issue of time is properly understood.

Ross has much more to say on this in a seven minute video that is full of thoughtful analysis that is likely to stimulate you to think more carefully and deeply about how to answer the all-important question of who created God.

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Author: Mark Tapscott

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