Do All Roads Lead To God And Heaven Or Is Jesus The Only Way?

Among the most common objections to Christianity is that because there are multiple religions around the Earth claiming to point the way to Heaven, the politically correct conclusion is that “all roads lead to God.”

Dr. Sean McDowell

It’s a reassuring, comfortable idea because it means we each can make a choice from among a menu of spiritual options. This idea especially appeals to individualistic Americans who want to control all aspects of their lives and those who believe their intelligence and education gives them unique insights on such issues.

Each of the choices have consequences. If we choose Islam, for example, we must follow the five pillars. For those deciding the Jewish approach is right, there is the Talmud.

If we go the Buddhist route, we strive to reach the stage of enlightenment wherein we leave all of our selfish desires behind. There are millions of gods on the Hindu road. If we go down the route touted by the atheist or agnostic, we choose to dismiss the question either as unanswerable or irrelevant.

So what’s the problem? Well, consider this — the purpose of a road is to reach a desired destination, but how can we know that all of these roads do in fact lead to the same place, Heaven and God, without traveling each of them?

What if we find at the end of one of them that it led us to somewhere completely unexpected, some place we would never otherwise choose to visit? Or that another of them didn’t really lead anywhere, it simply led us on an endless journey?

Dr. Sean McDowell teaches apologetics at Biola University and is co-author with his father, Josh, of the classics “More Than A Carpenter” and “Evidence That Demands A Verdict.”

McDowell notes that “we’re all aware of people around us with very different belief systems and to say that your unique road leads to God seems kind of exclusivistic today and some would even say arrogant.”

So how do we know the next step? McDowell offers some challenging thoughts, compelling logic and significant evidence:

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Author: Mark Tapscott

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