This ‘Dime’s Worth’ Truly Makes All The Difference Between A Human Existence And Extinction

Sometimes the biggest variances result from the smallest details, even life or death, creation or destruction

You’ve probably heard somebody dismissively say something along the lines of “that doesn’t make a dime’s worth of difference to anybody or anything.”

Astrophysicist Dr. Hugh Ross of Reasons to Believe.

And after all, a dime is worth only 10 cents. Or is it?

What if the weight of one single dime (created from nothing) was added to the universe? Guess what, it’s so finely adjusted to sustain life on this planet (and, who knows, maybe others as well) that such a dime would … what?

It would literally make all the difference in the world for you and I. Astrophysicist Dr. Hugh Ross explains why:

“If you were to add the weight of one dime to the universe, or subtract the weight of one dime from the observable universe, that would be enough to upset the balance enough to make life not possible,” Ross told CBN journalist Paul Strand in a recent interview.

Ross goes on to ask “how can we escape the conclusion that there must be a mind with supernatural powers who designed the universe so that we could be here?”

“More Than A Carpenter” Co-Author Josh McDowell.

Ross is making an argument that the universe exhibits a multitude of specific design attributes that require a designer, attributes that indicate a remarkable degree of fine tuning without which human life would not be possible.

His comments came during a Truth for a New Generation conference that also featured NBC “Dateline” cold-case detective J. Warner Wallace, “More Than A Carpenter” co-author Josh McDowell and Christian writer and apologist Alex McFarland.

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And now, let me encourage you to watch Strand’s report:



Author: Mark Tapscott

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