$15-An-Hour Minimum Wage May Be Coming For Hill Interns

At $31,200 annually, the new rate would make the first experience working for Congress much more affordable

Forty House Democrats are sponsoring Rep. Adam Smith’s reintroduced House Intern Pay Act that would require a $15-an-hour minimum wage for the young employees.

Rep. Adam Smith of Washington state.

“Paid internships help to bring a diversity of ideas and backgrounds to both the Washington, D.C. and local district offices, and expand equality of opportunity for all to participate in our democracy,” Smith said in a statement Tuesday.

“For congressional offices to represent the diverse interests of their constituents, it is important that everyone has the opportunity to engage in the legislative process and civic service,” Smith said.

Interns have been part of the congressional scene for decades, but for much of their history they were unpaid. Many still are, or receive only minimal compensation.

The hours can be long but the learning opportunities are endless and hundreds of interns take advantage of the chance to work for a senator or representative every year, most often in the summer months.

According to Smith’s statement, “the House Intern Pay Act would help alleviate this problem by allowing interns in each Member, Delegate, and Resident Commissioner congressional office in the House of Representatives to receive a livable wage.

“Specifically, this bill permanently authorizes amounts to fund a full-time, year-round internship position in each Member’s Capitol Hill or district congressional office at a rate of $15 per hour for the first year of enactment. The rate of intern will increase in tandem with percentage increases in Consumer Price Index each year thereafter.

Go here for the text of Smith’s proposal and here for Smith’s statement and the names of the co-sponsors.

Author: Mark Tapscott

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2 thoughts on “$15-An-Hour Minimum Wage May Be Coming For Hill Interns”

  1. Mark, I am not of the opinion that legislating a minimum wage is ever beneficial. While it may certainly appear as an economic benefit to the individuals who may receive the legislated minimum wage, such legislations are actually counterproductive to free markets.

    Before my father passed away, he wrote down ten (10) lessons which he felt were most important to teach his children. Number 1 on the list was “You cannot legislate morality.,” and the legislating of minimum wage laws is a blatant attempt to legislate morality.

    More importantly, in reading the Scriptures you will not find any words of our Savior Jesus Christ which suggest a minimum wage be paid, nor that such should be legislated. You will find Jesus Christ addressing the difficulty of rich men reaching heaven, but those words are far from suggesting that laws be put into place, to compel by force and that is what law is is force, to compel payment of a living wage.

    Until such time as men accept the authority of God The Creator, and in their doing so attempt to change their individual lives such that they strive to live as followers of Jesus Christ, the laws men promulgate to compel by the force of the state certain behaviors are a jousting at windmills.


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