Could Jesus’ Disciples Have Been Fooled By A Con Artist?

Talk to enough colleagues on the Hill about Jesus and sooner or later one of them will tell you they don’t think He was resurrected because somebody came along three days after the crucifixion and conned the disciples by posing as the risen Savior.

In other words, all this died and resurrected on the third day stuff that is the core reality of Christianity is nothing more than the result of a hoax, according to such critics. Cold-case detective J. Warner Wallace knows a thing or three about con artists. He begs to differ and here’s why:

“Doesn’t Jesus look somewhat different after the resurrection,” Wallace asks in the following video by way of describing the objection. “Not everyone recognizes Him right away. That’s the con artist, that’s the imposter standing in for Jesus and that’s why they didn’t recognize him so quickly.”

But Wallaces applies some lessons he learned in decades as a police officer and then a detective who specializes in cold cases, the ones that go unsolved, sometimes for years.



Author: Mark Tapscott

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