Who Created God? Oxford’s John Lennox Responds To Richard Dawkins

What are the most difficult questions to answer? Solid candidates are those which by virtue of how they are posed eliminate the only logical and correct answers.

Who created God is one such question that is invariably heard when two or more intelligent people begin talking about the most important issues in life.

Oxford mathematician John Lennox took up this perennial question during a 2011 interview with Daniel Lowenstein at UCLA during the “Christianity and the Tooth Fairy” conference hosted by the Veritas Forum.

“Who created God? If you ask that question, it shows immediately that you’ve categorized God as created,” Lennox said in beginning his response to Lowenstein’s query.

“So you’re talking about a created god. Can you imagine if Richard Dawkins had written a book called ‘the created-god delusion?’ I don’t imagine many people would have bought it because I don’t need Richard Dawkins to tell me that created gods are a delusion. We usually call them idols, incidentally,” Lennox continued.

If this eight minute discussion doesn’t get your synapses snapping, nothing will:




Author: Mark Tapscott

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