What About The Evidence For Other Religions Besides Christianity? Or Is There Any?

With the explosion of scientific, historical, logical and archeological based apologetics on behalf of the truth of the resurrection of Jesus Christ, the question must be asked about the evidence for other religions besides Christianity.

What about the evidence for the validity of Judaism, Hinduism or Islam? Isn’t it logically necessary to do a thorough investigation of the evidence for each of the world’s major faiths before deciding which one is right for you? That is a great question, according to Dr. Frank Turek of cross-examined.org.

“I think what you need to do, because people sometimes ask ‘have you investigated every other worldview out there and the honest answer is no,” Turek told a student questioner who described himself as a “Deist” during a March 11 lecture and Q/A.

“I’ve investigated the theisms out there because I think there is very good evidence for theism and if there is very good evidence for theism, then all non-theisms can’t be true,” Turek said.

So that leaves Judaism, Christianity and Islamism. How does Turek conclude that Christianity is the one true explanation of the relationship of God and man?

Here’s the video of an exchange that ought to prompt a lot of questions in the minds of those who aren’t sure, either, what they believe:




Author: Mark Tapscott

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