She Asked If She’s Going To Hell When She Dies. How Would You Answer?

For all of our knowledge, there remains no definitive, testable, repeatable scientific answer to the question every person who ever lived asked themselves at least once: What happens to me after I die?

Science deals with the material world, cause and effect, the repeatedly demonstrable. But death, at least as far as we know from common human experience, is always and everywhere a one-way ticket (yes, I know there are folks who claim to have died and come back with vivid – but unverifiable- reports of what Heaven is like).

(The photo above is courtesy of Madison Grooms of Unsplash.)

So the question remains: What happens to you and I when we die? Is our last breath the end of our existence and consciousness? From unthinking, unknowing, unfeeling dust we came and to the same shall we return?

Dr. Frank Turek of, one of the nation’s premier Christian apologists, hears the question often, including variations thereof like this one at Ohio State University where a young woman who made clear her lack of belief in the Christian God asked “am I going to Hell?”

How would you respond to her question? Here’s how Turek responded:

Author: Mark Tapscott

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