Here’s Why Atheistic Evolution Lacks Logic (Note: That’s Atheistic, Not Theistic, Evolution At Issue Here)

Things, including people, tend to change over time and, according to the conventional wisdom of many of the top folks among the scientific and cultural elite, if you combine enough time with the right kind of matter and the phenomenon called “chance,” you get to evolution as an explanation of the origins of life on Earth.

Note that the phrase can either refer to theistic evolution, which God uses, or a-theistic evolution, which puts God entirely out of the picture. There is also an important distinction to be made between macro-evolution, which concerns the appearance of distinct species, and micro-evolution, which concerns the appearance of changes within species.

So why should anybody working on Capitol Hill care about this?

For one thing, sooner or later everybody wonders in their own heart about how we all got here, both as human beings in general and as specific individuals. Why are we here, what is our purpose and what happens to us after we die?

For another, American taxpayers spend billions of dollars every year on education, research and development, environmental preservation and other programs that are based on assumptions that are the product of the various sciences underlying evolutionary theory. Congress must ensure those funds get the highest quality of thought and logic.

Now, Ravi Zacharias is among the best known Christian apologists of our time. In the following video, he describes a recent encounter he had with an individual at a top West Coast university where he was speaking.

The encounter centers on their time at a health food restaurant and it provides a remarkably concise explanation for why, in Zacharias’ mind, the atheistic evolution explanation of life is severely lacking at the most basic level of logic and philosophy.


Author: Mark Tapscott

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