Two Guys Who Know Explain Why Jesus Must Have Died On The Cross

One of the most common objections to the New Testament account of crucifixion, death and resurrection of Jesus Christ is that He didn’t actually die, but rather somehow survived.

There are variations in the argument but they essentially go on to claim Jesus was mistakenly assumed by his Roman executioners to be dead, He was buried and then revived in the coolness of the tomb and somehow escaped.

From there, according to the skeptics, Jesus lived an anonymous life in India or Japan or somewhere, anywhere but Heaven at the right hand of God the Father, as claimed by the New Testament (see, for example, the Gospel of John).

Now along come Dr. Sean McDowell and J. Warner Wallace, two men for whom I have tremendous admiration, to explain why and how the most reasonable conclusion, based on all of the evidence in the New Testament and what science has learned in the two millennia since the crucifixion, is that Jesus did die while yet on the cross.

McDowell is a professor of apologetics at Biola University and the son of Josh McDowell, author of More Than A Carpenter, which is perhaps the most widely read apologetics work ever. (If you would like a free copy of the latest edition of MTAC, co-authored by the McDowell father and son team, just send me your street address and I will put it in the mail to you.)

Wallace is the “Cold-Case Detective” of NBC Dateline-fame and a recognized forensics expert who has written multiple apologetics best-sellers and spoken before audiences around the nation.

Author: Mark Tapscott

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  1. This below article, “On the Physical Death of Jesus Christ”, was published in the Journal of the American Medical Association in 1986. The ultimate conclusion is, “Clearly, the weight of historical and medical evidence indicates that Jesus was dead before the wound to his side was inflicted and supports the traditional view that the spear, thrust between his right ribs, probably perforated not only the right lung but also the pericardium and heart and thereby ensured hi death (Fig 7). Accordingly, interpretations based on the assumption that Jesus did not die on the cross appear to be at odds with modern medical knowledge.


  2. My great-aunt, Janet Caldwell M.D., published a book (Jesus: A Psychobiography and Medical Evaluation) in 1976 in which she theorized that the spouting of water from Jesus’ chest was due to pleural effusion caused by tuberculosis. The relief in pressure from his heart and lungs actually helped him recover during his three days in the tomb from what she characterizes as a “pseudo-death.”


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