Scientists From Harvard, Johns Hopkins, UCLA, Etc. Sign ‘A Dissent From Darwinism.’ Should Hill Staffers Take Notice?

Evolution is accepted as unquestionable fact throughout the popular culture, mainstream media and academic community, but what if more than 1,000 scientists from Harvard, MIT, Princeton and similarly prestigious institutions from around America and the world say they now reject Darwinism, not on the basis of religion but science?

Well, they have. So now what?

Should congressional staffers — regardless of their personal views on the issue — apprise their bosses that more than 1,000 such scientists have signed “A Scientific Dissent From Darwinism,” and that the signers also include respected brains at NASA, the Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory, Naval Research Laboratory and the Sandia National Lab?

There are multiple public policy issues posed by this development, not the least of which would be the equity and prudence — or the lack thereof — of the hundreds of billions of tax dollars supporting critically important research in every state of the nation.

For myself, as a former Hill staffer-turned journalist and a believing Christian, my mind isn’t entirely made up on the issue of Darwinian evolution (micro I have no problem with, macro I have lots of questions about).

But the fact that hardly any of America’s most prestigious universities or laboratories aren’t named as their professional home by at least one of the signers of this important document should make everybody on both sides of the debate take notice.

And what about all of these prestigious institutions overseas that are included among the signers? If anything, Darwinianism is even more entrenched in European and Asian institutions of higher learning and science, yet look at the many represented among the signers.

This clearly is light years away from those Scopes Money Trial stereotypes we’ve all grown up with in America. There is a profoundly serious and important discussion to be held, sooner rather than later.

Go here for the actual list and judge for yourself the quality of the signers.  And check out this brief video from the Discovery Institute for more information on the signers:

Author: Mark Tapscott

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