This Guy Says One Big Bang Isn’t Enough, There’s Gotta Be Three More

Pretty much everybody has heard of the Big Bang, the moment an estimated 4.6 billion years ago when the universe appeared out of, literally, nothing.

The Big Bang was followed in recent decades by the Big Debate among theologians, philosophers, scientists and talk show hosts on whether or not the existence of God was thereby proved.

So why does the headline say something about three more Big Bangs?

Along comes former Cincinnati Reds pitcher Frank Pastore to point out that there are three more Big Bangs needed before there can be an explanation for how we got from the very first single-cell organism to self-aware, thinking, sentient human beings.

Pastore stopped throwing 90 mph fastballs some years ago and in the interim found faith in God. He’s also did a lot of studying, thinking, debating and reading on the Big Bang before dying in 2012 as a result of injuries he sustained when he and his motorcycle were hit by careless driver.

This video of Pastore is available through Prager University, which is proving that having “short videos and big ideas” can be highly educational:

Author: Mark Tapscott

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