Pilate’s Seal Ring Tops Biblical Archeology’s 10 Biggest 2018 Discoveries

A familiar maxim in the conventional secular wisdom of the age is that the Bible is nothing more than a collection of tales and cannot therefore be trusted as a reliable historical source.

The reality is that for decades archeology has been producing mounds of evidence that supports the Bible as not merely a reliable source but quite possibly the most reliable and comprehensive one for the ancient Middle East.

The latest illustration of this fact is found in “Biblical Archeologies Top 10 Discoveries in 2018,” written by ARTIFAX magazine editor Gordon Covier for Christianity Today.

Among the fascinating finds from the year past are a seal that appears to refer to the Old Testament prophet Isaiah, a contemporary of King Hezekiah (see, for example, Isaiah 38), a Beka weight, which was used to measure the half-shekel Temple Tax described at Exodus 38:26 and inscriptions to Assyrian King Esarhaddon mentioned prominently at I Kings 19:36-37 for assassinating his father, King Sennacherib.

Topping the list is the confirmation that a copper ring found years ago bears the official inscription of Pontius Pilate.

“The inscription on the badly corroded ring was finally read using advanced photographic techniques. The copper alloy ring was probably not fancy enough to have actually been worn by Pilate,” Govier said.

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“It was more likely worn by someone who was authorized to act on Pilate’s authority and who would use the seal to create official communications,” he said.

Govier concludes by noting that “these discoveries, relatively insignificant individually, join with many other discoveries over the decades to give us a great deal of confidence in the historical details contained in the Bible.”

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Author: Mark Tapscott

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