Five Reasons Christmas Is All About Jesus Or It’s Just Another Day Off

Have you ever noticed how few people get upset when the names of the various founders of the world’s religions are spoken in public forums and private discussions?

Mention “Mohammed” or “Buddha” or “Confucius” and nobody gets their shorts in an uproar. But say “Jesus” and the reaction will range from quizzical impatience to cold stares, pursed lips to rude retorts, or worse. Why is this? What is it about Jesus that sparks such reactions?

Above photo by Chris Sowder on Unsplash.

This is an especially relevant question at Christmas, the biggest holiday of the year in America when the birth of Jesus is celebrated, at least among believing Christians.

But would Christmas be as significant an event today if the baby boy born to Mary and Joseph 2,000 years ago was merely a human being destined to grow up to be a great teacher or poet or philosopher?

J. Warner Wallace, the NBC Dateline-featured “Cold Case Detective” who happens also to be an articulate apologist for the Christian faith, offers five reasons why Christmas should be such a big event.

And as it happens, I believe those same five reasons explain why merely mentioning Jesus in polite conversation can be risky business. As Wallace explains, all five reasons point to one thing that makes Jesus totally, completely, irrevocably unlike any other religious leader in history.

Go here for Wallace’s five reasons.

Author: Mark Tapscott

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