Here’s How Football Can ‘Prove’ God Exists

Why do teams play football games? To win, of course. But what if there’s no difference between winning and losing, scoring a touchdown or intercepting the other team’s quarterback?’s Dr. Frank Turek shows in this short video how understanding the purpose of football tells us something about the purpose of life and in turn about God. Check it out. It might be the most important 1:47 of your life!

And by the way, ‘prove’ is in quotes in the headline for this post because the logic train Turek presents in the video isn’t a “proof” in the formal sense.

It’s an illustration of what I call “analogous reasoning.” That is, if A is true, then is B also true? Enjoy and please do add your comments regardless whether you agree with Turek or not.

Author: Mark Tapscott

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