This Mom Is A Great Argument for God

So you’re walking down a corridor of the Dirksen Senate Office Building during a break in a committee hearing and there on the floor is the word “MOM” spelled out in Cap’n Crunch.

Being a dutiful son or daughter, you love your mom, of course, so you stop to ponder  this odd sight, speculating for a few seconds about how it got there and then going on about your business before the hearing resumes. As the day continues, though, your mind keeps going back to that MOM because something about it is puzzling.

You realize that you can’t explain how that MOM got there, who put it there or why they did so. But the more you think about it, you know that MOM didn’t get there by chance, somebody had to arrange those Cap’n Crunch pieces in a specific way that would result in MOM. But who? And why?

How’d MOM Get There?

Congratulations, you just illustrated the argument from design for the existence of God. Think about it, what are the odds exactly the right number of cereal pieces required to form the three letters were present? Those odds get even longer if you assume they fell on the floor in the precisely correct sequence to spell MOM.

And was it merely by chance that nobody stepped on MOM before you happened by to see it? Or that somebody hadn’t swept up the pieces of Cap’n Crunch and tossed them into the trash? Those are a few of the most obvious questions that could be asked if the explanation for your encounter with MOM happened by chance.

“Somebody had to arrange those Cap’n Crunch pieces in a specific way that would result in MOM. But who? And why?”

Common sense says the design  you see as MOM required a designer to choose to use Cap’n Crunch instead of Wheaties or Count Chocula to spell out MOM rather than DAD or LOVE or any of a billion other words.

Design requires Designer. Even more to the point, design requires a designer with information, in this case, how to spell MOM rather than, say, MMO or OMM.

Design Requires A Designer

Now, consider this assertion by J. Warner Wallace, writing recently on The Poached Egg blog:

“The building blocks of life (proteins, ribosomes, enzymes etc.) are formed at the direction of specific nucleotide sequencing in DNA, the largest molecule known. In humans, DNA contains as many as 10 billion atoms.

“The adenine, guanine, cytosine, and thymine bases in DNA are linked in a particular order to form the genetic code containing the master plan for every organism. The information in DNA guides and instructs the formation of proteins; without it, protein formation would be a haphazard, hit-or-miss proposal. The nucleic sequence in DNA is informational.”

Design is not just a sequence, it’s also crucially the information required to arrange those pieces of Cap’n Crunch in the right sequence to spell the chosen word at the preferred time in the desired place.

That’s why, as Wallace argues, RNA and DNA are at their most fundamentally important as the information required to create life. The odds of that information coming together in exactly the right combination of sequence, timing and placement are just about incalculable. Somebody knew the required sequence, arranged it at exactly the right moment and did so at just the correct place.

And we haven’t even asked who had the information required to create the RNA and DNA beforehand. That’s why the somebody is God. Take five minutes and read the rest of Wallace’s post, “Why the Information in our DNA Points to the Existence of God.” And then tell the rest of us what you think.

By the way, if the name J. Warner Wallace seems familiar, it should because he’s long been a familiar face on NBC’s “Dateline.” He’s one of the best cold-case homicide detectives ever, which is why “Dateline” has featured more of his solved cold cases than any other detective. His best-known book is “Cold Case Christianity.”

Author: Mark Tapscott

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